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The networkL’alveare che dice sìthat let consumers meet to buy the best agricultural and hand-made Italian products.

Its functioning Alveare che dice Si is easy: you can create and share a “apiary”. The representant of the “apiary” finds a good place, he creates his community, he chooses his suppliers, and he offers weekly a selection of products. People from his community can order online what they want: fruits, vegetables, bier, bread, meat, and also hazelnuts and other products made by “La Peracca”.) …

Every week people from the “apiary” meet in the chosen place and they can have what they ordered, meeting suppliers too. This is not only a delivery, but a true market, an occasion for the community to discuss about their favourite products and many other subjects.

Also “La Peracca” is one of the producers that you can find on “L’alveare che dice sì”. La Peracca è uno dei produttori presenti nella rete “L'alveare che dice SI.

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