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This page of our website, dedicated to foreign resellers, presents our organization and our products, shedding new light on the combinations between products and their way of being employed. Thanks to our fantastic kits, it will be possible to buy jointly two or more products, being able to serve full meals, simple and tasty happy hour or simply a delicious snack for your children. Become a real chef trying always new recipes with our kits; organize family meals or working snacks and amaze your spectators with fresh, natural and tasty products.

Try our kits and enjoy our passion and the taste of our products!


Make your snacks perfect and full of joy! Thanks to our preparation made by buckwheat, you will be able to create a tasty hazelnuts cake. Don’t forget to match it with our gianduja cream to make it better and more savoury. Gluten free products.


Do you have always dreamt of becoming a pastry chef? Now you can realise your dream: with our preparation making a cake has never been so easy. Follow the recipe and you will get a tasty cake made by wheat flour and hazelnuts. And to feel like a real pastry maker, use the cream in this pack to fill your cake.


Madly in love with Italian food?? Try this new pack and enjoy a typical Italian dish: LA PASTA seasoned with our pesto of hazelnuts or with tomato sauce.


This pack let you taste your breakfast with our muesli and our hazelnuts paste: good, light, and healthy. SUGAR FREE AND GLUTEN FREE.


A light and tasty snack thought for young and old. Enjoy the lightness of our crackers (available in many flavours) matched with the creaminess and the sweetness of our hazelnuts cream. Having a snack with your family has never been so delicious.


Three biscuits typical of Piedmont meet in this pack to offer you a journey into the sweet culture of Piedmont. “Baci alle nocciole”, “Brut e Bon” and “Chicche of corn” are produced by using raw materials that we cultivate directly in our lands. Perfect as delicious snack.


Hazelnuts cream, gianduja cream, and hazelnuts paste without sugar to spread where you want. Three delicious creams for the most demanding eater.


A kit formed by 5 individual cakes in single serving (50g) to cheer up the breaks of your week.

Two different types of cakes: “La classica”, crunchy and created from an antique Piedmontese recipe, and “La morbida”, soft and rich of flavour.

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